Here are some recipes for emergency formula, suggestions.

You are going to be very busy! Cows milk will give your babies diarrhea. Goats moilk has less lactose. They will need feeding about every two hours for a while. After feeding you need to stimulate their anus to facilitate a bowel movement. The mother cat would lick them. Here are some recipes for emergency formula and other suggestions. I have bolded the formulae. If you have a vet in your town, you could ask for some ideas as well. They may even have kitten milk!

Good luck, You are a kind person. Dont forget to play with them so that they become socialised to people..If you give them away, please keep them for 6 weeks minimum and they are eating cat food, They would normally be with their mom until 12 weeks.Do not give them saucers of milk. They need fresh water..

Emergency Feeding

Kittens younger than 4 or 5 weeks need their mother’s milk to thrive. If you find young kittens that have been abandoned or whose mom isn’t able to nurse them, you’ll need to bottle-feed them formula yourself.

Kittens need a kitten milk replacement specifically formulated to contain the proper balance of proteins and nutrients they need to support healthy growth. But not everybody keeps such a product in the pantry. Suppose you find orphaned kittens after all the pet stores in your area have closed. You can mix up an emergency formula to feed the little ones for a short period. Such formulas, usually made with ingredients you may have in your home, won’t upset your fuzzy friends’ tummies when you feed them, overcoming the risk of problems like diarrhea.

Mix all three well and kept in tightly sealed jar in the fridge. At feeding time mix 1/2 of the estimated feeding amount with an equal amount of boiling water. (Once a day, mix 1 drop of human infant liquid vitamins in each kitties formula.) Always test temperature on your wrist before feeding. The combination temperature of the boiling water and chilled formula should be just about right.

If constipation occurs: add 1 drop of vegetable oil to each kitties formula no more than once daily until the problem is eased.

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